Jig / Fixture Design
Jig / Fixture Design Jig / Fixture Design

Jig/Fixture Design

An often overlooked aspect of composite part manufacturing is the support fixtures. Trimming, drilling, and bonding jigs can make or break a project. Hammerhead Aviation designs and builds simple, tough, long lasting fixtures. At first sight you may think our thick aluminum production jigs with hardened steel bushings look “over the top” until you realize we trim, bond, and drill all with the same fixture while holding .005” all day long! Not all of our jigs are quite so heavy-duty; for odd-shaped and lower tolerance parts, we do make a lot of composite contour matching jigs with bonded in hard points at key locations. There isn’t one right jig for all procedures, but properly designed jigs and fixtures are defiantly critical to manufacturing accurate, repeatable, composite parts.

  • Trim fixtures
  • Drill jigs
  • Bonding fixtures
  • Combination jigs