Hammerhead Aviation offers design assistance, engineering services, prototyping and concept to development services. Hammerhead focuses on aviation parts and other custom products, tooling manufacturing, design prototyping and reverse engineering. We specialize in low to mid volume manufacturing and production. We believe the success of your product starts with solid design, proper prototyping and systematic manufacturing.

Precision Components


Hammerhead designs will separate you from the rest. We will add “significance,” that little something extra: a sexier shape, a super lightweight part, or a jaw dropping carbon finish. Any aviation part or custom product becomes an object of desire when infused with Hammerhead creativity. We know how to make your products and parts stand out from the competition. We do it every day.

Precision Components


Hammerhead Aviation has designed many parts across multiple industries. We will make your product perform better and create a systematic and cost effective way to achieve:

  • Faster
  • Lighter
  • Stiffer
  • Lower drag
  • Better handling
Precision Components


One of the most important aspects of the engineering and design process is cost. Your customers must understand the value in your final products. Hammerhead will help achieve specific goals with high quality design, reverse engineering and redesign with a focus on logistic costs and engineering requirements and offer recommendations of new processes for your business. Hammerhead eliminates production and manufacturing issues and creates lower monetary risk for businesses while providing cost effective manufacturing solutions.