CAD Modeling / Rendering
CAD Modeling / Rendering CAD Modeling / Rendering

CAD Modeling/Rendering

CAD modeling is our passion. In today’s manufacturing environment CAD is a necessity, but Hammerhead’s CAD stands out from others. At Hammerhead we draw everything from simple sketches to complex machines and flowing lofts. We can take cocktail napkin sketches and turn them into manufacturing drawings or render them to a photo realistic level so high, so stunning, they approach art. The beauty of our CAD is that the same model, that is absolutely necessary for the manufacturing process, once rendered properly, can replace expensive photo shoots and be used in your marketing and media. We can quickly and cost effectively examine dozens of variations on a design theme and in many cases eliminate the need for prototypes. This is one of the most powerful ways to clearly convey your vision. Hammerhead blurs the line between CAD and reality daily.