Design Capabilities

From 3D concept development to mass production, Hammerhead has the staff, equipment, and real experience to pull it all together. Using different strategies and capabilities allow us to handle most any manufacturing project.

Those capabilities include:

  • Composite Part Design
  • Composite Part Manufacturing
  • Jig/Fixture Design
  • Mold Design
  • CAD Modeling/Rendering
  • Digitalizing/Reverse Engineering

These capabilities allow us to ring materials, processes, and techniques together to create elegant, mission-specific solutions. Also our tracking program allows our technicians access to information from production schedules and drawings to quality control manuals.

Mold design is the other half of designing a great part. Each part has an optimal “mold strategy” that is heavily influenced by part shape and build process.

Below is a list of mold solution for you and your project:

  • Composite molds
  • Aluminum molds
  • High temp tools
  • Matched tooling
  • Vacuume cavity tooling
  • Roto-cast tooling
  • Short run molds
  • Proof of concept tooling

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