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Light RTM

Light RTM

Light RTM is a process that requires matched tooling (inside/outside molds). A temperature controlled mold cavity is packed with dry fibers according to the layup schedule, and then a vacuum is pulled in the mold cavity while a second vacuum is used to clamp the two molds together. Radio Frequency identification (RFID) tag is used to identify the mold, while a computer sets the correct injection perimeters. When all pre-defined cavity perimeters have been met, resin is automatically injected into the mold cavity at the proper speed and temperature using a computer integrated pump to complete the process. Light RTM is an excellent process for manufacturing parts that require both inside and outside finished surfaces.

  • Common Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Thorstrand, Infusion Specialty Cloths, Epoxy, Polyester, Vinyl Ester
  • Common use: Automotive, Fairings, Wings, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Saddle Bags, Kiosk, Spoilers, Industrial, Marine, Commercial